The Advantages of Code in Web Design

In recent times, there have been several web design tools developed for making the process of creating websites easier. Most of these tools are based on manipulating the Graphic User Interface (GUI) to create widgets and other graphic objects of websites. These tools have made web design simple enough for most people to create and manage simple websites.

While the tools are efficient in saving time, they are not a full replacement for website code. There are many things that you can achieve with coding that you cannot with GUI-based web design tools. Here are some key benefits of raw coding that make it relevant for any web designer.

Total control over elements

With code, it is possible to manipulate elements in countless ways. You can adjust measurements to the exact scale and you can position them in whatever way you like. In most cases, this is not possible with design software. There are inherent limitations that make it impossible to accurately position and resize objects with software. It is also not easy to estimate the scale of objects when you are designing using a GUI-based tool.

Broader feasibility to customize and maintain websites

It’s much easier to upgrade and maintain websites that allow to make changes in the code. This is because coding relies on documentation and backup. When making references to specific objects, it is much easier when you have the underlying code structure of the element. You can be able to adjust the specific code of the objects concerned quickly and easily. Websites that are designed with software are, however, harder to customize to a great extent because they are dependent on the specific software that usually has its limitations.

Back-end integration

While it can be possible to customize back-end features of a website with proprietary software, it is usually not advisable to do so. The back-end features of any website act as the support structure of the front-end. This means that much more detail is needed when integrating back-end features. Back-end code is crucial and even unavoidable if you want your website to perform to its full potential.

To conclude, both code and web design software are crucial in web design, and modern GUI-based web design software tools are not entirely useless. On the contrary, they are very useful to none-professional programmers and allow people who have little or no knowledge of programming to manage their websites. Such software is great as supportive tools that can aid you in your web design processes. Alone, however, they are not capable of offering a high-grade functionality.